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2011 – 2014

2011 – 2014

2011 – 2014

With a high-stacking warehouse attached direct to production, logistic procedures can be further optimized in 2011. With a constant staff of 40 skilled employees, yearly production has increased by more than 50 % in the last five years.

The trend is more and more towards sophisticated units as a supplement to classic stamping and bending parts. This also reflects the success of co-operative partnership with our customers already at the beginning of project planning. As a result, line-to-line projects are increasingly implemented enabling a more economic processing of stamped parts. Today, supply responsibility comprises multi-stage stamping processes, always with an eye on ancillary technologies such as the use of strip material previously milled or with finished surface, as well as the attendance of downsteam processes including the development, assembly and provision of stamping and bending units to the customer direct.

In 2012, a fully automatic cleaning unit for bulk goods is taken into operation, enabling us to optimally clean more than the threefold amount, while – of course – respecting all current environmental regulations.

The intense apprentice training as a toolmaker comes to fruition again in 2013: Ms. Isabel Knebel is the first lady toolmaker to accomplish full marks in her final exam. Within the scope of a graduation ceremony, she has been awarded “best of the best” by the local chamber of industry and commerce. We are glad to be able to take on Ms. Isabel Knebel as a permanent employee.

If you want to be successful nowadays, you have to face grown requirements and always be one step ahead to development. Know-how by itself is not enough to be firmly established in the market. JPF is at its customers’ disposal with advice in the phase of development, on manufacture of prototypes as well as procedural trials including construction and manufacture of tooling up to serial production. In order to be at the upper limit of technological possibilities also in the future, JPF is constantly working on new solutions and also uses expertise knowledge of universities and institutes as well as innovative suppliers. All entrepreneurial goals have been achieved or were surpassed. The concept of lean production, of finding solutions for difficult tasks, and individual advice are the cornerstones of JPF’s company philosphy and its basis for success.

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