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Bulk goods strapped in plastic band
JPF now offers a special handling procedure for delicate and precisely bent stamping and bending parts which will be overmoulded at the customer’s. Especially this process, due to geometric tolerances which need to be observed, does not allow risk of deformation for the bulk of goods handling. The stamping and bending tool is fed by a pre-moulded plastic strap from a reel, which is fitted with the finished stamping and bending part. At the customer, the plastic moulding tool can continuously be fed and overmoulded with the reeled stamping and bending part. The strap melts during the moulding process. Consequently, an elaborate bending and separating handling at the plastic moulding machine can be avoided, only a feed unit with a decoiler is necessary. The stamping and bending part itself is protected and not inclined to twisting. This technology is even interesting for small batches (the system may already work economically starting with 100K p.a.).

  • Assemblies in form of installed stamping-bending parts, as falling parts fitted with threads and rivets. Assembled units metal-metal, metal-plastic, as finished falling parts. Single or multiple tool construction as falling parts or reel-to-reel, on retainer or tape.
  • Engineering and construction of automation plants in the field of assembly of related components.
  • Creation of programs and software for the CNC-treatment by means of optical 3D-measuring device to digitise existing outlines.
  • Technical customer advisory service and assistance in the field of engineering and development of single components and / or assembled units.
  • Manufacturing of prototypes under consideration of subsequent serial production. Development of the most economical production equipment.
  • Responsible performance of necessary finishing treatments, cleaning, surface treatment etc.