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We offer

  • Our Know-How as renowned business partners
  • Problem-free handling of your orders by adequate PPS-systems
  • Solutions incorporating into your production
  • Competent contact persons in the field of high precision stamping-bending, plastics and assembly technologies
  • High quality standard by most modern quality management
  • Individual advisory service
  • Supply on schedule
  • Flexibility


Bihler GRM 50
Bihler RM NC
Bihler RM 35
Bihler RM25
Bruderer BSTA200
Bruderer BSTA50
Bruderer BSTA25

Bebeco/Finzer ZUB 50
Bebeco/Finzer ZUB 200
self developed Transfer-Stamping-Bending-Machines

Bruderer stamping machine
By putting the 4th Bruderer stamping machine into operation, we also dispose of sufficient capacities in this production segment in order to serve our customers’ needs. The option to use progressive tools with a length of up to 950 mm and a stamping pressure of up to 50 t crucially completes the manufacturing programme of the stamping and bending machines and, moreover, enables us to take on third-party tools as an additional service for our customers. It is needless to say that for making this real, we considerably invested in tool maintenance and tool making facilities in our in-house tool shop.

Bihler RM-NC Stamping-Bending Machine

Having put the first Bihler RM-NC stamping and bending machine into operation, JPF is perfectly prepared for a successful future in the stamping and bending business.
Being one of the first Bihler customers to offer this innovative technology, JPF was able to integrate the first completely NC-controlled stamping and bending machine for series production as early as October 2014.
“This technology allows us to increase flexibility of short response times for our customer call-offs. It will reduce costs for tooling setup in specific manufacturing units and, consequently, will lead to very interesting unit price calculations for complex bending parts, even for small production quantities”, states Andreas Ketzer, together with his brother Dominic Ketzer one of the two managing directors in 4th generation at JPF. “As one of the first providers to offer this new technology, we start into the 8th decade of our company’s history and, therefore, we consider ourselves perfectly prepared for new tasks set by our national and international customers.”

The highlights at a glance

  • highly efficient manufacture of stamping, bending and wire parts, even in smallest batches
  • considerably higher production pace
  • fast response to customer wishes at short notice
  • full tooling compatibility with RM and GRM series
  • considerable increase of output
  • very fast tooling setup times
  • considerable reduction of tooling costs