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Specialities JPF


of challenging materials

By applying our specifically developed technology, JPF handle challenging materials of high resistance and/or viscosity, considered to be unqualified for stamping, as for example high-alloy stainless steels, NiTi alloys, precious metals or similar parent materials. JPF is moreover able to turn them into stamping components with extremely minor dimensions and tolerance zones.

Stamping parts in dimensions of 250µm out of a sheet thickness of 40µm can be produced with an accuracy of <10µm by assured processing.

Our production using JPF developed-in-house tooling technologies enables transformation with extremely low tooling costs.

This JPF home technology especially suits mass production of medical-technical products or fine mechanical components which formerly had to be produced by far cost-intensive technologies.


High-precision membranes

High-precision membranes for electrical use are produced out of a 50µm silver coated copper foil fully automatic on the basis of NC-controlled stamping technology.

The S-shaped internal contours are in parts only 160µm wide. Therefore specifically made adapters for the active tool were developed.

The required tool invest was amortized after a short period of time compared to the previous used production technologies.

Example Spring

Fine blanking

on the basis of conventional tooling technology

By applying specifically developed JPF tooling technology, stamping components can be produced nearly without any break planes in the area of the breaking edge. This process, comparable in quality to the process „fineblanking“, can be implemented into conventional stamping tools. This means selected fine blanking quality for the conventional price of stamping parts. Over the years, this process has proven its worth in many millions of components produced.